• Technology Incubation Investment

    1. High-Tech Incubation & Project Investment are mainly depending on BiCoSyn New Energy Application Science & Technology Institute who performs technology research by investigating, analyzing and digesting various latest advanced technology and studying the industrial development trend to make a technology analysis report which is for the reference of Investment Department of the Group.

    2. High-Tech Incubation & Project Investment is the technical core department of the Group, which is a way for the Group’s investment diversification. It is a sustainable development driving department and the guarantee of Investment operation.

    3. So far there are investment projects including below:

    (1) BiCoSyn New Energy Application Institute who has developed permanent magnetic driving & speed-adjusting and plant condenser vacuum saving system.

    (2) Yichang Cosun New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    (3) Shaoguan Hongkai Nano Material Technology Co., Ltd.

    (4) Zhuhai Hairuike Instrument Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd.