• Distributed New Energy

    Distributed new energy is the core business sector of the Group. The business scope includes project development, consultancy and design, investment, engineering construction management, plant O&M, covering new project services and existing project O&M.

    Targeting for global users, distributed new energy business is divided into two portions. One is gas turbine component repair and spare parts supply to the existing power plant. The other is CCHP, distributed PV system, wind power system for newly established or expanded customers.

    * Distributed energy is new energy utilization way with small devices that grows up in recent years.

    * Compared with traditional power generation, distributed energy is almost zero load, needless of constructing large power grid for power transportation, which reduces the costs of construction and operation.

    * Distributed energy is more efficient because it combines power generation and heat supply.

    * Distributed energy is more environmentally friendly than traditional thermal power generation because it takes use of PV, wind, natural gas and biogas, which are clean and renewable.

    * CCHP is the typical distributed energy utilization way, which is broadly used in developed countries.