• BiCoSyn New Energy Application Research Institute

    1. Introduction.

    Shenzhen BiCoSyn New Energy Institute was set up in 2013 with registered capital 1M Yuan with the purpose to transform the Group from a trading company or agency company to a technical service company with self intellectual property right and advanced technology, to cope with the fierce competition in the market and the squeezed market situation for trading company. The Institute will provide strong technical services support for the Group business transformation. With the establishment of the Institute, more professional talents are introduced to make the company more focused on energy-saving and environment protection field.

    Meanwhile, BiCoSyn Institute is also committed to advanced technology importation, incubation and development in industrial energy field. The core professional team of the Institute will evaluate the new technology, new products and developing trend of existing and future energy industry, select the product and factories that match the Group business channel and resources for cooperation or introduce the technology or invest fund into the selected factories. It realizes the connection of Group channel & resource platform and new technology and take advantages of each other to build a solid foundation for the Group’s integration strategic development of science, industry and trading.

    Through more than 2 years of efforts, the Institute has introduced permanent magnet drive technology and vacuum maintenance system and helped the Group Sales Department to achieve 300,600MW plant demo projects. It also helps the COB to visit relevant scientific research institutions, such as visit to Jiangsu Macro-economy Institute to understand wind power hydrogen production technology, cooperating with Shenzhen Jinting New Energy to explore Solar PV project, supporting the establishment of JV invested by BiCoSyn Group, Three-Gorge University and Shenzhen O'cell.

    2. BiCoSyn Institute Work Plan for 2017.

    A. Cooperate with Beijing Jiexin Company to develop vacuum pumping system technology and apply for new technology patent.

    KPI Index:

    (a) Complete at least 2 kinds of new technology patent application

    Time frame: Mar, 2017 – Dec, 2017

    (b) Realize technology transfer and application asap and train technicians to serve for the market

    Time frame: March – May, 2017

    B. Continue to source, introduce, develop and incubate relevant product of power plant cold end vacuum technology optimization and create new product technology portfolio to provide better and more mature product for sales department.

    KPI Index:

    Bring in at least 1 kind of technology related to power plant cold end vacuum technology optimization and complete feasibility assessment.

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