• Mr. Tang Hong visited BiCoSyn

    source:Bicosyn     Time:2019-06-06

    On May 31st, an overseas Chinese guest from afar, Mr. Tang Hong, President of the federation of overseas Chinese associations of Ghana and the Chinese chamber of commerce and industry of Ghana visited our company.


    Mr. Tang Hong attended the 9th meeting of world association of overseas Chinese and the 5th council meeting of China overseas association in Beijing on May 29th. President Xi warmly received overseas Chinese. The overseas Chinese representatives were highly recognized and supported by President Xi.


    After the conference, chairman Tang Hong went south to guangdong and communicated with technology and energy enterprises in guangzhou and shenzhen. Our company is honored to invite chairman Tang to our headquarters for the communication on various business in the energy field, which includes the exchanges in power construction and operation, distributed energy management and investment, photovoltaic and energy storage technology, solid waste recovery and other fields. Mr. Tang Hong has lived abroad for decades and made outstanding contributions to local construction and development. This exchange is conducive to promoting the in-depth cooperation and understanding between the two sides in the energy and power sector and striving to make breakthroughs in related projects.

                                                                                                Mr. Tang, the third from the left.


                                                                                       Mr. Tang, the fifth from the left in the last row.



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